Roseanna is a bona fide color expert
— TIME Magazine

A curious and creative type by nature, Roseanna’s interests in global culture and expression of beauty and style led her to a career in trend forecasting where she has spent over 10 years identifying and evaluating trends in the creative realm. Since 2011, she has run a consulting practice helping global brands understand how emerging cultural and industry shifts impact their consumer and business. During that time, she successfully spearheaded the launch of the Beauty Forecast at the Color Association of the United States, where she served as Director of Color Trends.

She has been invited to speak in front of audiences across the US, in Europe and the Middle East and quoted as a trend expert in major publications such as TIME and WWD. She regularly shares her insights on digital media platform BeautyMatter and recently became a contributing editor to beauty retail trade publication, Counter Intelligence.

Her passion lies at the intersection of beauty and wellness, where she has worked to become a specialist on the future of these industries.