Roseanna is a bona fide color expert
— TIME Magazine

Roseanna Roberts brings over 10 years of experience in color development and trend identification to her clients. She has worked in many of the world's creative epicenters, including London, New York, Toronto and Melbourne. Since moving to New York City in 2010, she has worked as the director of color trends at The Color Association of the United States, producing 9 color forecasts annually (including women's, men's, youth and interiors categories), and spearheaded the development and launch the beauty forecast - the first new category to CAUS in over 25 years. While Roseanna continues to produce the CAUS forecasts, she established her consulting practice to work with brands on an individual basis to develop customized forecasting information uniquely tailored to specific businesses.

Drawing on psychology, global current events, strategic market analysis and her creative design aesthetic, Roseanna's expertise imbues her work with an edge that sets her clients apart.