SS 15 Color on Fleek

While Spring may have officially began a couple of weeks ago, it wasn't until this past Easter weekend that New Yorkers started to see (and feel) a glimmer of the warmer months to come.

Spring is often a time of "rebirth" and color is the perfect way to breathe new life into your beauty arsenal

My latest  feature in GCI Magazine outlines the season's hottest hues in beauty. Strategic partner Brand Growth Management also picked up the piece, adding some high impact visuals to kickstart imaginations (see below). 

Ease into Spring with moody shadaed pastels, and overload on bold gold as the mercury rises. 

My favorite combination for the season is pairing cool tones from Cue The Blue on the eyes, with the cherry hues of cultuRED on nails (or vice versa). 

Spring/Summer 2015 is one of experimentation. Color application is becoming more liberal and spontaneous, so get playful and brighten up that visage, post-winter hibernation!

Sweet Inspiration

I often look to industries outside of the one I'm working in for inspiration, finding an innovative approach to color, texture and packaging.  The chocolate industry has seen a surge of creativity, full of interesting design in both product and wrapping.  

Lisa Doyle of GCI Magazine recently interviewed me about the importance of color in packaging. In the feature, she explores why I've been drawn to this recent inspiration:

The chocolate industry is leveraging packaging in creative, interesting ways. Chocolate has carved out a niche, similar to that of coffee, tea and salt in the last couple of years, with an explosion of boutique, artisanal brands. It has been repositioned for its healthful benefits, to appeal to a youthful demographic.

Packaging plays with various types of paper and foils, mixing matte and glossy textures and of course, color! The palette shifts from its historically brown roots, embracing bright engaging hues to appeal to this new market. 

 Click here to read the full article. Browse through the slideshow below to discover some cool and colorful cocoa in the market! 

GCI Feature: SS 14 Beauty Trends

Each season, fashion "month" inspires myriad color trends. In response, beauty trends must work to complement the fabrics and textiles that global fashionistas will adorn themselves with in coming seasons. April's issue of beauty trade publication GCI Magazine features my thoughts on cosmetic colors to look out for this Spring. Warmed-up metallics and smoky plums are two of the key hues to embrace as the temperature rises. Click here for the complete story.

Backstage Beauty Pass : Pamella Roland

New York Fashion Week  Fall / Winter 2013-14

February 11, 2013

On Monday, I stopped by the tents to see my friend Matin - lead makeup artist for Laura Mercier and CAUS beauty committee member - who keyed the Pamella Roland show. The palette he created was inspired by Roland's collection; an homage to the opulence of St. Petersburg and the Winter Palace. Cue luxe gilding.

The models at the Roland show had perfectly defined dark red pouts set against flawless matte skin (Mercier's signature). Eyes were washed with soft gold.

To get the look, artists applied Mercier's Oil Free Suprême Foundation or Silk Crème Foundation to skin, and set with translucent powder. Lips were outlined in Coffee Bean and filled in with Deep Wine. Lids were swept with Gold shadow and finished with a slick of mascara.

Hair was swept into a sleek french roll and secured with a wide, shiny black headband.

Though we're only on the fifth day of New York Fashion Week, it is apparent that the popularity of oxblood will continue into next season as it has been featured at many shows this week.


Backstage Beauty Pass: Alessia Prekop

This season, I had the opportunity to provide direction for the beauty color palette for Alessia Prekop‘s Fall / Winter 2013-14 show. I worked with stylist Toyo Tsuchiya to develop a makeup look that complimented Prekop’s 1980′s silhouettes – and bright color range.

We wanted the makeup to enhance the collection – but not steal the show. Metallic shadow was a mainstay in the 80′s and has been gaining popularity in beauty recently. As a result, we decided the subtle use of a warm metallic would provide the right balance of pop and understated elegance.

The Bobbi Brown team applied shimmering bronze and gold pigments on inner eyes and lips, balanced by neutralizing nude and charcoal grey. The light-handed application of these metallic hues provided a touch of sparkle, while maintaining a central focus on the clothes.

Hair was braided into a long “horsetail”  with blunt ends. Nails made an impact in dramatic black polish, with french tips in red, green and blue


Highlights from the Elements Showcase: Winter 2013

The end of January marked the 5th edition of the Elements Showcase at Skylight West in Manhattan. Many of the usual (and gorgeous) suspects were on site, such as MCMC Fragrances, Blood Concept and Ten Over Ten was back with their mini mani's to those with enough time to take a seat . I was thrilled to see a number of clean beauty brands at the show this time around, including Juniper Ridge - which captures the outdoorsy scent of the pacific northwest in a bottle/bar of soap - as well as RMS Beauty and Rahua hair care.

A standout new comer was Thirdman. Rumored to be celebrity owned, the brand has executed a combination of delicious fragrances with stellar design. The collection captivated the attention of Linda Rodin, who proclaimed it the "best line at the show". The three delicate, light body splashes are heavenly but its the packaging that really steals the show. The fragrances are housed in a vibrant cobalt blue box, textured to feel like skin - an analogy that connects to the driving philosophy of the brand; to wear a fragrance like it's a second skin.

In general, minimalism prevailed across the board with paired down packaging, devoid of color.

Boutique florist, fragrance and candle brand Ovando injected a vibrant jolt of color throughout the space, with a spectrum of rainbow arrangements on both levels of the show.

The biggest excitement (at least for me) was the launch of my collaboration project with Ilia Beauty - Pink Kashmir lipstick. The cool pink hue is a limited edition for the Spring 2013 season. More on this to come...

RR meets R29

Last week, Refinery29 put together a list of "7 Of The Raddest Jobs In The Beauty Game". I was honored to be included in this series--amongst some of the top players in the industry.

While the illustration may make trend forecasting look like it's all about reading a crystal ball, the interview digs deep to uncover how I got into the industry and how a forecast actually comes together.

Read it here.

Side note: Check out the article published two days prior, featuring my fave PR duo (and pals) Meredith and Madeleine from Project M+M

Illustration credit: Naomi Abel for Refinery29

Fragrance Trends at the Elements Showcase

This week I attended the second edition of the Elements Showcase--a fragrance tradeshow in NYC. I was excited to see the expansion from the first show (back in November); from its single floor space, to now spanning two levels. There were lots of new and fantastic vendors ranging from fragrance to skincare. Visiting the booths and speaking to the exhibitors, I started to pick up on some distinct trends.

Wood and Natural Materials: The first trend that I see carries over from last season. The use of wood in packaging has an even stronger presence than we've seen in the past months. Everything from the lids on boxes of candles, soap and perfume to entire wooden bottles (TAY) were on display.











Profumi Del Forte took the natural materials trend to another level, creating marble lids for their fragrances


"Box of Chocolates" Packaging There was a definite thread of inspiration derived from the classic beauty and simplicity of chocolate box packaging.




Fine Art Meets Fragrance Another trend that emerged was the inclusion of fine art in the packaging on fragrance bottles and other products in this category.





Among the artist/fragrance duo's, jewelry collaborations were another strong trend popping up. Both Joya (known for its porcelain bottles) and Sage released solid perfume in beautiful amulet's. Joya teamed up with jewelry design company Vane to launch their "Shades of Dusk" collection.

In general, it seems that the fragrance and skincare industries continue to be concerned with 'natural' elements--whether or not their products are chemical-free or are made with sustainable materials. The key is to come across as being concerned about the process of the product, in the form of an eco-friendly looking package or by including an artisanal touch.