SS 15 Color on Fleek

While Spring may have officially began a couple of weeks ago, it wasn't until this past Easter weekend that New Yorkers started to see (and feel) a glimmer of the warmer months to come.

Spring is often a time of "rebirth" and color is the perfect way to breathe new life into your beauty arsenal

My latest  feature in GCI Magazine outlines the season's hottest hues in beauty. Strategic partner Brand Growth Management also picked up the piece, adding some high impact visuals to kickstart imaginations (see below). 

Ease into Spring with moody shadaed pastels, and overload on bold gold as the mercury rises. 

My favorite combination for the season is pairing cool tones from Cue The Blue on the eyes, with the cherry hues of cultuRED on nails (or vice versa). 

Spring/Summer 2015 is one of experimentation. Color application is becoming more liberal and spontaneous, so get playful and brighten up that visage, post-winter hibernation!

Teal Appeal

Pastel hues have become de rigueur on the strands of It girls everywhere. As women become more comfortable with unconventional color, deeply saturated hues enter the market for hair. Leading the movement is teal. The shade became popular in the cosmetics and nail category last year and is now starting to make waves for tresses. The combination of blues and greens combine for shimmering mermaid-esque manes.  Influencers such as Nicole Richie, Kylie Jenner and Langley Fox are experimenting with cooler tones.

Color-forward London-based salon Bleach is a pioneer of this water-inspired hue. Their DIY dyes in Washed Up Mermaid and Sea Punk encourage a relaxed ocean vibe. 

Sweet Inspiration

I often look to industries outside of the one I'm working in for inspiration, finding an innovative approach to color, texture and packaging.  The chocolate industry has seen a surge of creativity, full of interesting design in both product and wrapping.  

Lisa Doyle of GCI Magazine recently interviewed me about the importance of color in packaging. In the feature, she explores why I've been drawn to this recent inspiration:

The chocolate industry is leveraging packaging in creative, interesting ways. Chocolate has carved out a niche, similar to that of coffee, tea and salt in the last couple of years, with an explosion of boutique, artisanal brands. It has been repositioned for its healthful benefits, to appeal to a youthful demographic.

Packaging plays with various types of paper and foils, mixing matte and glossy textures and of course, color! The palette shifts from its historically brown roots, embracing bright engaging hues to appeal to this new market. 

 Click here to read the full article. Browse through the slideshow below to discover some cool and colorful cocoa in the market! 

GCI Feature: SS 14 Beauty Trends

Each season, fashion "month" inspires myriad color trends. In response, beauty trends must work to complement the fabrics and textiles that global fashionistas will adorn themselves with in coming seasons. April's issue of beauty trade publication GCI Magazine features my thoughts on cosmetic colors to look out for this Spring. Warmed-up metallics and smoky plums are two of the key hues to embrace as the temperature rises. Click here for the complete story.