FNO: Linda Rodin at Barneys NYC


Last night, New York City was full of energy and life on the street for Fashion's Night Out. I spent the majority of my time at Barneys keeping the fans at bay with Linda Rodin, who made a guest appearance on the beauty floor at the department store.

As a special gift for the FNO event, Linda teamed up with long time friend and artist Lesley Schiff to create a collection of 6 prints--each of which was designed with one of the Olio Lusso products in mind (another example of a collaboration of skincare and art joining forces). Those that were lucky enough to stop by went home with some beautiful works of art. For all of you that missed out, see pictures below.






Insider scoop: stay tuned for a soon to be launching fragrance from the RODIN Olio Lusso collection!

Fall's Color Harvest

It's a thrilling thing to see your name grace the pages of one of fashion's most influential publications. And, to be the one giving advice...well, it can set any fashion junkie on a high for days. I'm still feeling the high created by THIS article quoting yours truly featured in WWD, even after almost two months.

For those that haven't seen it, READ about Autumn's latest trend (as indicated by the Color Association of the United States) --the "Color Harvest". From red cabbage purple to carrot orange, the season is set to be rich in naturally inspired hues!