Trend Report: The Rise of Japanese Beauty


Japan is a hotbed of beauty, steeped in ancient wisdom, traditions, and time-tested ingredients. This report dives into the history and traditions of Japanese culture and explores how this has translated to modern-day beauty practices, leading the country to stake its claim in the Asian beauty boom.

The report includes:
• A list of 100+ Japanese brands that should be on your radar
• Cultural and beauty principles
• Traditional ingredients
• K-Beauty vs J-Beauty
• Market leaders
• Just the numbers
• Category trends

Commissioned by BeautyMatter.


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Concept and Shade Development for Ilia Beauty


Roseanna began consulting with ILIA Beauty during the brand’s launch in 2011. The company debuted with 6 tinted “lip conditioners”.  After the initial launch, ILIA’s product line grew to 40 SKUs in less than two years with a focus on lip care. 

Roseanna has been a key resource for this expansion, hired by the company to identify beauty market trends and propose colors for the growing collection of cosmetics. Roseanna’s reports have served as founder Sasha Plavsic’s beauty bible and a key resource for development across beauty categories.  

In 2012, Sasha and Roseanna launched a limited edition product collaboration. Roseanna had been inspired by a recent trip to India and Pakistan and saw how the western market had a current appetite for Indian textiles. In addition, she noticed that there was a growing interest in the reinvention of the color pink with women reclaiming the color as a symbol of strength. Many brands and products had started incorporating hot bubblegum pink (think Breast Cancer Awareness), but she was drawn to a blue-based hue that projected greater sophistication.

Based on all of this intel, Roseanna developed the unique lipstick shade, Pink Kashmir. The color was an immediate success, selling out rapidly, prompting the ILIA team to relaunch it multiple times with the same results. Due to its runaway popularity, the brand decided to make it a permanent color in the collection where, six years later, it continues to be a best-seller. Over that time, ILIA has positioned itself as an up and coming color cosmetic line that is now available in over 15 countries globally, including select retailers such as Harvey Nichols, Sephora, and Net-A-Porter.


Establishing InVisiO: Trend Research and Development


Roseanna forged a partnership with colorants and polymer manufacturer PolyOne in 2012, tasked with developing a creative solutions arm of the business. Leading a team of marketers, engineers and sales people, Roseanna created the company’s first ever trend forecast, now known as InVisiO.

The presentation has evolved over the past 7 years, from a digital application to 3D box of inspiration. It brings trends 18 months ahead to life, with color chips and textures that provide a tactile experience - a unique feature in today’s digitally driven landscape.

This initiative has been a featured asset in the marketing strategy, used to drive sales and create new entry point services for the business. Roseanna has presented the trends to key clients, including Ford Motors.

InVisiO targets a breadth of industries, from automotive, to personal care, packaging, textiles, electronics and more. As such, Roseanna’s work has incorporated both analogous and adjacent industry analysis to create a comprehensive picture of the future business landscape.


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Trend Development at The Color Association of the United States


Roseanna worked as the director of trends at The Color Association of the United states for over 7 years. Her role began as a full-time employee, developing and producing the company’s 9 annual trend forecasts as well as consulting with clients such as J&J, Nike, L’Oreal and Victorinox on custom projects.

During her time at CAUS, Roseanna identified a gap in the beauty market for industry-specific trend forecasting (rather than being grouped with fashion). In response, she spearheaded the launch of a new category, “beauty”, joining the interiors, women’s, men’s and youth forecasts. This was the first new industry report to be added in over 50 years.

In addition to defining macro, color and texture elements, the beauty forecast moved beyond the traditional card format, to deliver a “bento box” of inspiration. Included in this tangible offering were cutting edge cosmetics, perfumes and packaging that Roseanna partnered with manufacturers such as Verla and Drom Fragrances to develop.


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Creative Identity and Shade Development/Shade Naming for Spela


Roseanna began working with Spela just before the company’s launch in early 2016. Founder Maryam Behrouzi was looking for a unique color palette that reflected the playful nature of the company (Spela means to play in Swedish) but would also retain a level of sophistication.

As the brand grew, the partnership expanded to shade development and color naming, most recently with the development of Spela’s 3 new lipstick hues (soon to launch) and nail colors.