Drink Yourself to Sleep

Last week, my very first Birchbox arrived on my desk at work. I was excited to see the contents inside and couldn't wait to test them all out. Among the various over sized samples of shampoo, nail polish remover pads and skin serum was a purple bottle that simply read "reBloom Beauty Sleep Drink". I was instantly intrigued, if not a little skeptical. A drink that helps put you to sleep? What ingredients could it possibly contain? The bottle sat on my dresser for a couple of days...unsure if it would ever be drained of its liquid. Then, on Monday night I found myself tossing and turning, toiling about the week ahead. I got up and looked over the composition: 5 calories (excellent), 200% of your RDA Vitamin E, 500% of RDA vitamin B-12, 2% magnesium, a "humble sleep formula" made up of various natural extracts, L-Theanine and melatonin all diluted in a solution of filtered water, malic acid, lavender extract, natural flavours and some salt. It sounded pretty harmless--although I'd never taken melatonin before. So, down the hatchet it went. I read my book for about 20 minutes and really did start to feel drowsy ( I should point out that the directions did say it could take 30-60 minutes to take effect). I drifted off to sleep land and awoke to my alarm the next morning feeling-honestly-better rested. Not sure if this was a placebo effect, clouded by the excitement of getting a good nights sleep or the reBloom at work. Either way, I'd definitely give it another try. I think you guys should test it our for yourselves and let me know!