Gaga for Vegas

As one of our favourite charm school gals is in Vegas this week, I thought it timely to share this little bit of insider info. We hope Cath returns with her own waking up in Vegas stories! This summer, some of the charm school girls took an annual trip to Emily's summer house on Vancouver Island. In her big bag of tricks, Wynn packed the latest issue of Vanity Fair--with Lady Gaga on the cover. All weekend we swooned over the color of Lady G's nails.

When I returned to New York a couple of weeks later, Fashion Week was about to kick off. I ended up going to Barney's for Fashion's Night Out (for those who don't know, this is Anna Wintour-and many other fashion high society's night to encourage consumer spending in retail) and had my nails done at the Deborah Lippman nail bar.

While selecting my polish, I was chatting to the manicurist about fall color trends. I brought up the Gaga cover and asked if she had any idea what colour her nails had been. As coincidence would have it, the color was by Deborah Lippman, and it had been Deborah herself who had done the nails. Ms. Lippman came over and told me all about the experience, and most importantly, shared the color, "Waking up in Vegas". At the time, the color had been sold out for weeks, but they were expecting a fresh supply in the coming month. Guess I should go back and see what they've got.

Why google these things when apparently, you can go straight to the source!