Juara Tumeric Antioxidant Radiance Mask

Unwrapping a Christmas present from my dearest esthetician/nurse friend Cath, I was introduced to an amazing line of skin care: Juara. The company is inspired by and uses Indonesian botanicals; very fitting for my holiday trip to Bali. Catherine has been in love with this brand for months, infatuated by the scents and happy with the results. She was excited to share this beauty find with me.

My gift was the turmeric antioxidant mask, said to “detoxify, brighten and strengthen skin” (on the first application!). Turmeric is one of the most powerful antioxidants and has traditionally been used to heal various skin conditions.

Light ocher in color, the formula glides on with a texture similar to foundation and is almost unnoticeable in low lighting. The scent isn’t anything to write home about, but has a slightly spicy / turmeric-y smell (which is a key ingredient and likely also explains the color). As the mask starts to dry, it becomes a little bit more yellow and tingles (apparently that is the active botanicals taking effect). The box says to leave on for 10-15 minutes – but I’ve left it on for over an hour (when streaming an episode of mad men or posting a blog!). After washing off, my skin has consistently felt clean and appeared to have an even tone and soft texture. It definitely leaves skin moisturized, but not heavy or oily.

I’m excited to discover more products from Juara!

Note: Cath swears by candle nut everything...