The High Impact Hues of Holi

colors of holi

colors of holi

Ever since my first trip to India--upon which I truly uncovered my love (and passion) for color--I have wanted to experience the uninhibited splashing of color that takes place at a Holi celebration. Though I've never been lucky enough to be traveling east at the time of this vibrant welcoming of spring, I discovered that Richmond Hill, Queens hosts an annual Phagwah parade (literally translated as the "festival of color" and is celebrated by the Guyanese and Trinidadian communities).

My dear friend (and former colleague at CAUS) Mary Helen and I suited up and headed out to join in the lighthearted chaos in the streets....

As one may expect, colors swirling around were highly saturated pigments that created a palette of high impact hues. These active brights are perfect for the summertime, as they look their best under brilliant sunny rays.

Yellow-based reds have become a staple in statement-making lip tones. For Spring / Summer 2012, tangerine and neon magenta become alternative bold lipstick choices. Blue continues to make waves on nails, with electric aqua as a key color for the season. Sunshine yellow appears on the hands and feet of the daring. People are willing to take chances with color in the warmer months when attitudes are more carefree and focused on looking hot in the heat.

If there is one thing to remember this season, it's that pops of bold color are commanding attention in fashion and beauty. This is a trend that cannot be ignored!

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