The Great Unwashed

An interesting article featured in the NYT looks at the obsession our society has with sudsing up.

I've been skipping daily shampoos for a couple of years now and have never looked back. In fact, I don't really like how my hair looks after it's been washed. Now, that being said, I probably could not have done this all on my own. I've developed a dependent relationship with dry shampoo . It all started with a powder puffing bottle of the old Bumble and Bumble formula--which was discontinued only a couple of months after I discovered it. The company released a less effective aerosol version a few months later. In it's place, I switched and became hooked on Canadian brand Cake's hair powder. I didn't like the bottle so I would funnel the Cake powder into the old Bumble and Bumble bottle so that I could still use the puffer. Most recently (for the last year), I've been using an Orland Pita/T3 , collaboration that refreshes and adds volume.

Fellow charm school gal Catherine discovered this at a local beauty supplier in Toronto and we've been obsessed with the stuff ever since. In New York, I find it at Sephora, although the last few times I've looked, they've been out. Thank goodness for their online store (note: Cath has also recently found it on Haute Look for half the price). I spray it right on to freshly washed (and dried) hair--especially my bangs, as well as between washes.

I do worry about what kind of build-up is forming with all of the chemicals, and using an aerosol can is certainly not an environmental favour but this product has truly transformed my limp locks, giving it body and oil absorbency; leaving my hair far more wearable then it would be if I washed it everyday.