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Teal Appeal

Pastel hues have become de rigueur on the strands of It girls everywhere. As women become more comfortable with unconventional color, deeply saturated hues enter the market for hair. Leading the movement is teal. The shade became popular in the cosmetics and nail category last year and is now starting to make waves for tresses. The combination of blues and greens combine for shimmering mermaid-esque manes.  Influencers such as Nicole Richie, Kylie Jenner and Langley Fox are experimenting with cooler tones.

Color-forward London-based salon Bleach is a pioneer of this water-inspired hue. Their DIY dyes in Washed Up Mermaid and Sea Punk encourage a relaxed ocean vibe. 

FNO: Linda Rodin at Barneys NYC


Last night, New York City was full of energy and life on the street for Fashion's Night Out. I spent the majority of my time at Barneys keeping the fans at bay with Linda Rodin, who made a guest appearance on the beauty floor at the department store.

As a special gift for the FNO event, Linda teamed up with long time friend and artist Lesley Schiff to create a collection of 6 prints--each of which was designed with one of the Olio Lusso products in mind (another example of a collaboration of skincare and art joining forces). Those that were lucky enough to stop by went home with some beautiful works of art. For all of you that missed out, see pictures below.






Insider scoop: stay tuned for a soon to be launching fragrance from the RODIN Olio Lusso collection!

Braid Bar hits Manhattan

Heidi wannabe's rejoice! The John Barrett Salon in Bergdorf Goodman opens up New York's first Braid Bar.

Great for getting your mane out of your face while looking chic for those humid summer days (the kind that transition into warm evening cocktail parties without time to go home for a change in between).

A good braid can last anywhere from three to five days--perfect for a weekend away!

Any length, shape or style (french, fish or classic) goes for $45 ($60 including a wash) and can be done in approximately 20 minutes.

Cut for Canucks!

In celebration of Game 7 tonight; a picture of two of die-hard fans, snapped on the streets of Vancouver by west coast pal Chelsea.

Looks like they're not the only ones willing to shed locks to prove their allegiance...

The Chop Shop on Granville street in downtown Vancouver is clearly the go-to spot for carving out the team's logos on tufts of hair.

It's not to late to show your pride...

Go 'nucks!

More Reasons not to 'Poo

Always on the look out for stories that will appeal to me, my Mother sent this article featured in the past weekend's Globe and Mail. I posted a similar link to a NYT article a few months ago about saying NO to icky, chemical-filled hair care and the shift in personal grooming - waiting weeks if not months to lather up.



It seems that the taste for boho-chic top knots and naturally-based hair care continues. Many of the women quoted in the Globe story also seem to swear by dry shampoo. I haven't been able to give up my T3 stuff but Siobhan O'Connor - author of book and blog No More Dirty Looks recommended rice starch to me when I met her at a natural beauty workshop back in November (and here on her site) but I just haven't been able to bring myself to sift a little flour onto my scalp... Anyway, read the article, get inspired and see if you can scale back your weekly -lets hope you're not still doing daily - washes.

Sweet on Pantene

In an effort to appease the sustainable-minded customer, Pantene's Nature Fusion line will use a sugarcane based plastic for all packaging (as reported on

Set to launch in Europe this month, the eco-friendly product should reach North American markets in the next 18-24 months.

While this may be a step in the right direction for the environment, the company has yet to strip the contents of harmful chemicals such as the buzz ingredient sodium laureth sulfate (a hint more gentler than its cousin, sodium lauryl sulfate). It does contain bamboo, grape seed and avocado oil - a welcome start in the battle against harmful substances in our everyday personal care products...

The Great Unwashed

An interesting article featured in the NYT looks at the obsession our society has with sudsing up.

I've been skipping daily shampoos for a couple of years now and have never looked back. In fact, I don't really like how my hair looks after it's been washed. Now, that being said, I probably could not have done this all on my own. I've developed a dependent relationship with dry shampoo . It all started with a powder puffing bottle of the old Bumble and Bumble formula--which was discontinued only a couple of months after I discovered it. The company released a less effective aerosol version a few months later. In it's place, I switched and became hooked on Canadian brand Cake's hair powder. I didn't like the bottle so I would funnel the Cake powder into the old Bumble and Bumble bottle so that I could still use the puffer. Most recently (for the last year), I've been using an Orland Pita/T3 , collaboration that refreshes and adds volume.

Fellow charm school gal Catherine discovered this at a local beauty supplier in Toronto and we've been obsessed with the stuff ever since. In New York, I find it at Sephora, although the last few times I've looked, they've been out. Thank goodness for their online store (note: Cath has also recently found it on Haute Look for half the price). I spray it right on to freshly washed (and dried) hair--especially my bangs, as well as between washes.

I do worry about what kind of build-up is forming with all of the chemicals, and using an aerosol can is certainly not an environmental favour but this product has truly transformed my limp locks, giving it body and oil absorbency; leaving my hair far more wearable then it would be if I washed it everyday.