Blue's the Hue for Spring Beauty


Direct from the catwalks for Spring/Summer 2013, tints and tones of the coolest hues are making a splash in fashion and beauty.

In August of 2011, I reported on the variety of blue tones starting to make waves in beauty. At that time, the newly launched Beauty Forecast from The Color Association of the United States (which I produced) highlighted green-based blues for Spring/Summer 2013.

Fast forward to present day -  WWD just released its beauty trend roundup  for the upcoming season with an article titled "Fade to Blue". The headline reads "From a hint of teal to all-over aqua, hues of blue ruled runway makeup from start to finish this season."

The blue family continues to gain momentum. As our relationship to the environment evolves - from a connection to the general idea of "green", to a more focused appreciation for water including conservation and preservation - tonal blues, teals and turquoises enter the forefront.

Like a proud mother, it's exciting to see the validation of my labor. CAUS's record for accurately forecasting trends (since 1915) continues to be right on target and I can't help but be thrilled to be apart of it!


Images: Courtesy of WWD and The Color Association of the United States