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Establishing InVisiO: Trend Research and Development


Roseanna forged a partnership with colorants and polymer manufacturer PolyOne in 2012, tasked with developing a creative solutions arm of the business. Leading a team of marketers, engineers and sales people, Roseanna created the company’s first ever trend forecast, now known as InVisiO.

The presentation has evolved over the past 7 years, from a digital application to 3D box of inspiration. It brings trends 18 months ahead to life, with color chips and textures that provide a tactile experience - a unique feature in today’s digitally driven landscape.

This initiative has been a featured asset in the marketing strategy, used to drive sales and create new entry point services for the business. Roseanna has presented the trends to key clients, including Ford Motors.

InVisiO targets a breadth of industries, from automotive, to personal care, packaging, textiles, electronics and more. As such, Roseanna’s work has incorporated both analogous and adjacent industry analysis to create a comprehensive picture of the future business landscape.


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